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Sketchnotes - a bit talent and lots of fun


Recently I started "sketchnoting". My husband encouraged me with "hey - you can draw quite nicely and you also have such a nice handwriting - why are there no pictures on your new webpage".  So I taught myself how to sketchnote. Couple of youtube videos and here we go ;)


Anyone can do "sketchnotes" even though you might think you can't "draw".

Fact is, you don't have to be an artist as sketchnoting comes very much down to a few shapes - a line, a circle, a triangle, a rectangle. Anything beyond that comes through exersize and experimenting. 

I have actually started sketchnoting a long time ago without even realizing it. As I am a visual learning type, I understand, process, learn and remember things a lot better when they come with some kind of visualization. A picture transporting emotion, a scribble setting the subject into a greater perspective.

Little sketches catch your eye and guide your attention easier through lengthy notes and highlight what the content of the particular paragraph might be. And later visuals help to get faster to the memorized content in the brain. Learning comes a lot more easily and with a very important spice: fun!

Many books and workshops are already being offered around sketchnoting and I asked around which one could be the best. And while I was searching the internet - guess what - here comes youtube and I found a few nice videos from "Annelies Meisterbar". A handful of bite-sized videos explaining the basics in sketchnoting - shapes, banners, font types, structure of notetaking, collection of visuals and alike. With this information and following the advice to practise, I started my own sketchnotes for each of the main areas in my portfolio I provide coaching and workshops for.

While I enjoyed sketchnoting, I hope you enjoy the results as a little appetizer around these focus areas. Feel free to reach out to me and see what your future picture could look like. 

Happy to accompany you on your learning journey :-)